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Fixagig is changing!

Fixagig has unfortunately been neglected for a good few years but that hasn't stopped our members from using it and new ones from signing up.

With the rise of social network giants like Facebook and Twitter, we feel the main functionality of this site is no longer of use and the site could perhaps be utilised in some other way to help musicians and the whole live entertainment scene.

How can you help?

Simply give us your ideas on what you'd like to see on the newly launched Fixagig - maybe turning it into a simple directory? Or even just give it a makeover and leave it functioning the way it already does?

I suggest...

Just leave it as it is please.

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Fix A Gig is an online social network of live bands, musicians, music lovers and music Venues.

So, whether you are a Michael Jackson tribute band, a solo guitar/vocalist, an original heavy metal band or someone that loves live entertainment, register today and join this popular music community!

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